Jan 11, 2007

Parallels Beta recovery

Smart Mark wrote the following to me and it worked.

"You installed parallels and it reminded you to
install the parallels tools and that the guest os
must be running. You start up the guest os
and proceed with the install. Windows pops up
a message saying it's detected new hardware and
you assume this is normal. Windows finds a video
driver and installs it and then says it has to reboot.
It reboots and you have a blank screen, you assume
it's hung and reset the virtual machine a couple of
times and eventually figure out that it's booting ok
it's just the video driver is foobar.

The fix is to boot windows in safe mode (with networking
enabled, not sure if that's necessary, it's just what I did)
and reinstall the parallels tools. This now installs the
real parallels video driver and when you reboot the guest
os everything is back to normal."


pdg said...

Hi Mike, trying to install deprec on my WinXP laptop so I can setup my server. Could you drop us a line, as Termios is not installing thus hanging the attempt!

Mike Bailey said...

I'm removing termios as a dependency for deprec in the next release (out very soon). Who is PDG?